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Meet Our Staff

We have a fantastic team at Rushton Primary. Our teaching and learning, and school team are:


L Atkinson

Senior Leadership Team

S Appleyard

J Mobbs


E Faulkner

Hedgehogs - Years R and 1

Hedgehogs TA

S White

Hedgehogs Teachers

J Austen

A Mackenzie-Greaves

Hedgehogs TA

C Law

Badgers - Years 2 and 3

Badgers Teacher

B Carter

Badgers TA

M Monk

Squirrels - Years 4 and 5

Squirrels TA

K Norman

Squirrels TA

E Willoughby

Squirrels Teacher / SENCO

J Mobbs


M Crick

Kestrels - Year 6

Kestrels Senior Teacher

S Appleyard

Kestrels TA

L Dimmock

Lunchtime Supervisor

B Andrew

Sports Coach

J Barney

Lunchtime Supervisor

S Goodman

Site Supervisor

A Jelley

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