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Our vision and values

As a Pathfinder School, we believe that life is about more than success; it’s about greatness. ​The secret to finding this greatness lies in our everyday​ actions that make life more fulfilling and more rewarding for us and those around us.

Our actions

We encourage our children to be the best version of themselves through their everyday actions.  At Rushton, we have singled out five actions that we believe are central to helping children achieve greatness.

We challenge our children to learn from people who are truly inspirational; people who have overcome great adversity and broken down barriers; people who have saved lives; people who have lead the way.


We encourage our children to think creatively by finding ways to solve problems and to take risks in their learning.




We ask our children to take an active role in respecting the environment so that they can enjoy it in the future.



Throughout the school, we provide experiences and resources that foster curiosity in the pupils so that they can be active, independent learner.


We guide our children to make healthy lifestyle choices so that they can be healthy in body and mind, now and in the future.

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